How to survive a family holiday on the way home

Holidays are supposed to be fun, right? You can discuss it quite convincingly….. Just choose an accidental mother of small children and ask for her opinion about 6 hours for a 12-hour road trip. Probability

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Holidays are supposed to be fun, right?

You can discuss it quite convincingly….. Just choose an accidental mother of small children and ask for her opinion about 6 hours for a 12-hour road trip. Probability that you will be squeezed with a neck pillow or, worse still, with a neck pillow.

On the other hand, if you ask a mother of older children or one whose many, many vacations with the family, she can simply say that the vacation is actually a lot of fun if you know how to pull out if off. With the little ones, this is not a simple task, but it is also not out of reach.

All you need is just a few supplies.

Just-in-Case Case:

Before you even start thinking about how to keep everyone happy and self-confident, you need to think about keeping them in a safe, healthy, dressed and clean condition. Here are the essential consumables for Just-in-Case Case:

A basic first aid kit. Someone will certainly scrape their knees, at a standstill, miles from the nearest place where the band-apparatus is sold. This is the right of Murphy’s holiday.
Basics from the doctor’s office. Something for headache, abdominal pain and sunburn are not negotiable. You can also turn on allergology, cough syrup and other medicines.

Plastic bags….. because they are just as useful.
Garbage bags. They can be used for sand boots, wet towels and bathing suits, as well as a temporary dirty laundry basket.
Safety pins and a small sewing kit.
Small notebook and pen.
Durable marker for marking everything from cups to souvenirs.
Pocket knife and scissors.
Hand disinfectant.
Handkerchiefs and baby wipes.
Of course, you can add anything you think you may need on the road.

People Fuel:

Buying a candy bar and soda at every stop along the way can become expensive and very unhealthy. So put a radiator or icebox in your car and fill it with food. Fruit, trails and beef jerks are great for road travel and are not as fattening as sweets. Juice and water are also good to own at hand.

Snacks may appear on the way, but you don’t have to worry that your children will only be able to survive on sugar and caffeine throughout the journey.

Beating boredom on the road:

Car trips can be exciting for someone who has a 15-minute attention. A lot of fun is the key to spending your holidays on a road trip with munchkins. Package a bag of books, travel games, Mad-Libs, audiobooks (either they will appeal to the whole family or in combination with headphones), colouring books and drawing pads.

You can also allow children to take their school backpack or other small bags with them and assemble their own storage kit. Before leaving, make sure that they are leading the bag through you for approval. It wouldn’t be fun to discover a family hamster as a stowaway hamster halfway to your destination.

Another fun thing for children is to invest in a set of these small disposable devices. Each child can wear one and take their own pictures. Interesting is what they come up with (children are quite creative), and to the holiday album you will add some charm and variety.

Tools in the boot:

There are a few things you won’t want to leave behind you, which really don’t have much to do with road travel, but they all have to do with making the rest of the holiday alive.

A pram is something that will save your back, arms and health. Holidays are usually walks to or through places, and tired babies can even sleep in them.

Blankets and small pillows on the road can be useful for really distant places. You can also consider a cushion that allows you to lean against the sides of the car seat, if you are a nurse ….yep, you can do this in your car.

Water toys and beach towels are something you might want to take with you if you expect to be near a swimming pool, lake or beach.

A sense of humour:

Don’t waste time on why you’re on holiday. The idea is to have fun….. Sometimes plans change, sometimes things last longer than expected, and sometimes you have to deal a few blows.

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